• Name: DR-6326 18W LED Nail Dryer Infrared Sensor And 3 Timer 10S/30S/60S
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DR-6326 18W LED Nail Dryer Infrared Sensor And 3 Timer 10S/30S/60S

Technical data

Lamp Type DR-6326 18W LED Nail Dryer
Wavelength 365-405nm
Carton Size 442*422*222cm
4 timer controls 15s,30s,60s,90S
Input Voltage 110V-240V, 50/60HZ
Adapter output DC 30V, 1.2A/1.6A
Power 12W (UV)/ 18W(LED)
The Number of LED chips 12PCS
Product size 220*113*76.5MM
LED Color white
Using Time 50000 hours'life
Energy saving LEDS 
Certificate CE&Rohs approval.
Adapter Approved by UL & GS.

Product details:

  1. Multi-Funcional: With both LED and UV light beads, this hybrid UV LED Nail Dryer can effectively cure both kinds of gel nail polish.
  2. User-Friendly: Three timer controls (15s, 30s, 60s,90s), allow to automatically cure your nails with precision.
  3. Auto Shutoff: An automatic motion sensor shuts the lamp off in the event that your hand is removed prematurely.
  4. Safe: The white light of the curing lamp is completely safe for your eyes and skin.     


1. Connect D.C. Adaptor.

2. Press ON/OFF Button.

3. Set the timer individually through 15s,30s,60s,90s button and the light will start automatically ONCE the nails/toes  are put on the operation area.

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