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Professional Nail Art Manicure Nail Wooden Sticks

Size: 7.5cm / 11.5cm / 15 cm / 17.8 cm


  • Wooden manicure sticks is ideal for tidying cuticles and cleaning under your nail
  •  Hygienic and environmental-friendly
  •  These wooden manicure sticks are made from the finest hardwood harvested from sustainable forests. Manicure sticks are an essential  for preparing your natural nails for an manicure or treatment.

Directions for use Professional Nail Art Manicure Nail Wooden Sticks  :

  • Use the pointed end of the stick to clean and remove any din from under the nails free edge.
  • The flat end is then used to gently push back softened cuticles.
  • For best results when pushing back cuticles use a cuticle cream and wrap cotton wool over the flar end of the stick and use as normal.

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