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  • Name: Nail Colour Chart
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  • Added time: 2014-09-15
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DIY Double Side Natural Nail Polish Color Chart

Strong Point:

1.Not contains any harmful substance such as benzene and formaldehyde  
2. Easy to apply, no need nail art brush .
3. Colors can't into surface of your nail
4. Good shiny after using top coat,
5. Last at least 3-4 weeks,
6.permeability can make the body's natural nail has a good growth environment     

7.Good hardness, high toughness , perfect joint with nails,
8.Beautiful color,more than 600 colors for you to choose from,

9.OEM service is welcome,you just need to send us your samples or color chart,our professional R&D will adjust the most suitable samples for you to test, until you are satisfied with them.



1.Too thick for one layer may cause wrinkles.
2. Confirm that no water and oil residue on the nail before apply.
3. Repeated extra times in a face or uneven force will course bubble.
4. Ater daub the bead light color fasten serials of nail gel in 3-5 minutes before lighting will improve surface gloss.
5. It is not easy craze that make complete cover the UV gel in the surface of the nail.
6. Change the nail gel in 7-10days that conducive to nails grow.