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Removing Nail Extensions

When removing enhancements the client MUST return to the nail technician to have them removed professionally.
  1. Cut the length of the nail extension down with tip cutters.
  2. With a high grit file, file over the rest of the acrylic to thin it down. This makes it much easier to dissolve the acrylic.
  3. Pour acetone into a finger bowl and place this into a larger bowl of hot water.
  4. Add oil to the finger bowl water to reduce the drying effects of the acetone on the client's skin.
  5. Place client's hands in the finger bowl. Then place a towel over the client's hands.
  6. After 10-15 minutes, take one hand out of the finger bowl and scrape the surface layer of the acrylic with the spoon end of a double ended pusher. Place hand back into acetone.
  7. Repeat on other hand.
  8. Repeat whole process until acrylic is dissolved. Buff nails and apply oil to nails and hands.
Give client advice on keeping nails well oiled as aftercare. 

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