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Nail Enhancements and Care of Your Brush

It is always worth having a good quality brush and looking after it. The best quality brush is a Kolinsky Sable brush. The size of the brush is up to the technician.
The brush should only ever come into contact with monomer and polymer. It should never come into contact with dust, and should never be touched with the hands. Contamination is to be avoided.
In between every acrylic application to each nail the brush must be wiped, cleaned in the monomer and then wiped again on clean tissue. This is to ensure that no product remains in the brush. If left, the product will harden and render the brush useless and permanently damaged.
The brush should be stored horizontally or upright with the bristles hanging down. This ensures that if there is any product left in the brush, it will gather at the tip and be easier to remove.
Brush cleaning products should not be used, as they can shorten the life of the brush. Only use them when absolutely necessary.
It is very important to care for your brush. If not, product control is lost, nails can discolour and replacement brushes can be needlessly expensive.

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