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UV + LED Combo Curing Gel 2 in 1 Nail Lamp


Recently, There are more and more customers are asking for the nail lamp with uv and led combination together.

To adapt the trend, Dongri R&D a series of the nail lamps with uv and led 2 in 1 function.


One of 2 lamps are DR-6330A and DR-6331 model.


These 2 models respent different model of UV & LED combination.

For DR-6330A, it is CCFL UV 12W + LED 24W that make it could cure/dry uv gel and led gel at the same time.

For DR-6331, it is all led bulbs, but every led bulb has 2 chips in it with 365 nm and 395nm both. This also make the nail lamp could cure/dry the uv gel and led gel in one lamp at the same time. 

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