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Disorders of the Natural Nail

Nail Disorders that do not prevent Nail Treatments。
Hang Nails - These are tiny bits of skin still attached to the base or side of the nail. Caused by dry cuticles that pare away from the finger, and cuticles being cut or grazed. Hang nails can be cut away with careful use of cuticle nippers. follow up with a good hand cream or oil. If applying extensions be careful not to file too harshly around the sidewalls and cuticles.
Onychorrhexis - Parallel splits running from the free edge to the nail fold. Caused by over filing, and overuse of cuticle softeners. A good nail hardener should gradually cure this disorder while the nail grows out. A ridge filler may help this disorder.
Spoon Nails - Flat or concave nail shape giving a spoon like appearance. Can be hereditary, an indication of anaemia, or working conditions, where the hands are constantly in water. Use a nail hardener to protect the nail and educate the client on good nail care - jewels not tools! Nail extensions can be tricky, but using a tip with the well cut out to a minimum then attached at a downward slant can be effective.Use a gentle arched tip with any nail system.
Pterygium - Forward growth of the cuticle. Caused by dry skin, congenital defects and improper nail care. Regular manicures should solve or at least help this problem.
Leuconychia - White spots or bruising to the nail plate. Caused by manual working accidents and pushing cuticles back too harshly. Regular gentle manicures and good aftercare are recommended until nail recovers.
Splinter Haemaorrhage - Streaks of blood under the nail plate that run lengthways. Caused by minor trauma. If severe, client should be told to visit their G.P. otherwise gentle manicures are recommended.
Furrows - Ridges running lengthways or horizontally across the nail plate. Caused by illness, trauma, bad circulation, poor diet, and aging.Use a good quality ridge filler in order to perform manicure and pedicure treatments on clients with this disorder.
Beau's Lines - Deep horizontal ridges, sometimes elevated. Caused by illness. They appear a few weeks after illness starts. Again, ridge filler will help this disorder for manicure and pedicure treatments.
Nail Contra-indications which restrict nail treatments.
Onycholysis - An increased white area growing from the free edge. Caused by trauma to the free edge, allergies to drugs or nail products, and psoriasis.
Onychatrophia - Small nails, separated from the nail bed. Nails lack lustre. Caused by injury to the matrix, and ill health.
Eggshell Nails - Thin nails, very curved under free edge. Caused by poor diet, ill health, reaction to medications, and nervous disorders. Regular manicures are vital to this type of client in order to improve the nail condition. A good diet should also be advised.
Bitten free edge - Broken skin around cuticle and sidewalls. Bitten nails. Caused by biting of the free edge and the nail below where the free edge joins the finger. Client should be advised to have weekly regular manicuresto improve nail condition. Clients with very bitten nails are extremely hard to perform extensions on. I personally do not perform extensions on clients with very bitten nails.
Nail Contra-indications which stop nail treatments from being carried out.If you have any of the following conditions, you will not be treated. Please see your G.P. and treat the condition before you request a nail treatment.
Whitlow - Inflamed bed of the nail. Can arise from a bacterial infection, or can be the result of a pin prick, thorn etc. Prevents nail treatments due to danger of infection.
Verruca Vulgaris - Warts found on the hands and feet. Colours vary from skin colour to dark and flat. Caused by a very contagious virus. Prevents nail treatments due to high level of contagion.
Onychomycosis - White or yellow patches that start at the free edge and grow towards the root. Caused by infection, or a break in the flesh at the side of the free edge, or from constantly wet nails.
Paronychia - Red and swollen area around cuticle and sidewall. Caused by a cut in the skin that has become infected or from infected hang nails.

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