Infill Procedure for Acrylic Nails

After 2 weeks the nail will not have grown very much. However, it will need tidying up and checking for any problems. A new set of nails is not necessary at this stage, butthe new growth will need to be filled in.
Push back the eponychium with a double ended pusher.

Remove any pterigium skin with the double ended pusher.

If lifting is severe, put the whole nail into soak into acetone for removal and replacement.
If lifting can be rectified, file over the whole nail with a medium grit file until there is no ridge between the acrylic and the nail plate.

Remove all dust with a nail brush.
Apply a coat of nail dehydrator.
Apply a coat of primer.
Apply a small bead of acrylic on the gap to be infilled, holding finger downwards.
File down and buff up as usual.

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