Metallic Nail Foil Transfers: How to Add Bling to Your Fingernails

Are you looking for an easy way to add a bit of inexpensive bling to your fingernails? If so, you may want to consider experimenting with metallic nail foil transfers. They are thin, shiny and readily available through major beauty supply shops. Based on my experience, they are also not that difficult to apply. Here's how to do it:
Supplies Needed
In order to apply the nail foil transfers, you will need a bottle of base coat, a bottle of top coat, the colored nail polish of your choice, nail foil transfers and a bottle of nail foil adhesive. Of course you'll also need basic manicure supplies like nail files, cuticle cutters and orange sticks.
Prepare the Nails
Begin the process by cleaning and preparing your fingernails. When doing so, keep in mind that it is very important that the nail bed be oil-free and smooth. Otherwise, the finished result won't look as nice. One product to consider using is ASP Prep N Clean Dehydrant.
Apply the Polish
Next, apply a layer of base coat. Make sure that you actually use a base coat for the job and not a top coat. Base coats tend to be thicker than top coats. Thus, they help to protect your fingernails from staining as well as fill in any ridges that may be present on them. You'll also want to allow the base coat to dry thoroughly before proceeding. Continue by applying two layers of your favorite nail polish to your fingernails and letting it dry completely as well.
Apply the Nail Transfer Foils
Keep going by applying nail adhesive to the top of your nails. Once the nail adhesive starts to dry, it will become tacky. At this point, go ahead and start to apply the nail transfer foils. You may use the nail transfer foils to create whatever design you want. Personally, I would suggest trying a collage style design your first time out. That way, you don't have to worry about creating precise lines. I should also mention that sometimes the best way to apply the smaller pieces of foil is with the aid of an orange stick or tweezers.
Finishing Touches
When you are done applying the nail transfer foils, proceed by applying a layer of nail hardener. Then let it dry and add a layer or two of top coat. Once the top coat dries, feel free to apply cuticle oil to your nails and cuticles. Afterward, the nail foil transfer application process will be complete.

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