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With the warm weather about, flip flops, sandals and stilettos are the shoes of choice.
Once of the most important things to remember when baring your soles, however, is that your toenails are presentable.

There's nothing worse than seeing unkempt nails in gorgeous shoes, or any shoes for that matter.
Wendy Tran, manager and pedicurist/manicurist from Blissful Nails in
Willoughby, knows the ins and outs of good nail care.

Her salon has all the latest, and safest, equipment and she also understands that people are expecting more from their nail salon experience nowadays.

“I do believe that people are more wary these days about where to have their nails done,” Tran said.
“A lot of people expect more from their experience only to find it’s not that great because its so rushed and so impersonal.
“Getting a pedicure used to be a relaxing 45 minutes, these days you’d be lucky to have 20 minutes in the chair.”

Blissful Nails has spa massage chairs for customers to relax in, as well as a television for entertainment.
All services are performed by licensed nail technicians and all equipment is sterilised between use.
“There have been some really bad publicity about people getting nail infections from nail salons and we are very aware of that,” Tran said.

Palin Podiatry, in Crows Nest, offers a treatment called a podicure for the maintenance of toenails and feet.

Borne from a concern that more and more people were presenting cases of toenail fungus and skin infections, the podicure is a type of pedicure option for those who want to achieve great looking toenails with a treatment designed and customised especially for them.

The treatment involves a trim and tidy of the toenails, the removal of all dead skin and corns as well as addressing any other concerns on a medical level.
The products featured will make great additions to your pedicure collection.

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